A Message from Our President

Since the 1980’s, I’ve been working with information technologies in a variety of ways, starting with sales. Eventually, my direction evolved  into providing the products and services that fully support the IBM AS400/i Series platform, along with other platforms, such as the x86. Through the years, I’ve discovered that no two clients are alike; each requires systems and support unique to their industry and specific business challenges.

From a large manufacturing company with thousands of employees to a small local bank with no more than a dozen on staff, we’ve been honored to serve clients who have remained loyal to our company—VIS of Minnesota. They tell us it’s because they value the proficiency of our team of industry experts who understand their computer platform and can support their business vision.

So whether your organization is staffed by hundreds or just a few, we at VIS of Minnesota are ready to sustain your needs with our real world experience and technical expertise. We’ll build a relationship with you, always focusing on how we can best help you achieve your business goals. From System Upgrades to Migrations and Security Assessments, to Software and Peripherals, we’ll deliver end-to-end solutions, value and the confidence that comes from knowing we’re going to be here for the life of your business.

We’re a partner you can count on. Nothing underscores that more than the relationships we’ve built over the years. Our clients are loyal to us because they trust we’ll always put their needs first in everything we do.

At VIS of Minnesota it is our mission to provide the precise technology, software and services our clients require in a trustworthy, affordable and dependable manner. In other words, to continue to do exactly what we’ve been doing, and what we plan to still be doing, for years to come.

Tom Fischer

About Tom Fischer, CEO/President VIS of Minnesota

Possessing a Business degree and certified as an IBM Systems Expert, CEO and President, Tom Fischer, oversees the day-to-day operation of VIS of Minnesota. Because of his rare and personal management style, to many of VIS of Minnesota’s clients, Tom is the face of the company. It is because of this hands-on operation that Tom has built relationships with his clients that have spanned more than three decades. With his team of technology engineers and experts, Tom continues to supply both small and large clients with the individualized and personalized service and support they need.